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The Lazy Generation The Lazy Generation

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty odd

Odd because I see parts of the movie with some great frame-by-frame, and then parts where it's kinda....meh... Wasn't too bad although that syncing issue probably could be solved with having the music stream instead of by event. Of course I don't know if that was your intention....

The-Joker-xD responds:

I am from the lazy generation, the odd parts is because i am a little lazy... a little... xD

Foamy, The Making of Foamy, The Making of

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not too entertaining, just about average

Okay, so the tools provided within the flash program somehow became inferior. I don't see the point your making. "Don't use these tools and methods since I consider them easy." I personally haven't watched every single animation done by this individual, but I have seen a fair sample including the first episode when it was upped. I don't think it's random that the score he has is at that level. I've visited Newgrounds since 1998-99 and the majority of material has evolved from killing famous people to actually story and opinions. illwill actually brought something new and entertaining instead of fighting stickmen. Time passed and now everyone is jumping on some sort of hating frenzy. Opinions and political standings should never be used in judgement although I read so many reviews which are based on this alone... Quality is not just animation and graphics, but style, sound, humor, etc... and I don't see how anyones score can be considered some sort of fluke or mistake especially by the pure volume of votes it went to average it. That being said my review of your movie without association to my rant/opinion:

The voices were actually pretty clear compared to other clock movies which utilize the same tool. Graphics wise it was okay. Nothing very detailed but decent. It's hard to rate on style since 80% of the clock crew uses the same kind of takes away from the unique feel of a movie. Overall it was okay but nothing new.

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